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Hornets and yellow-jackets are social wasps. Hornets are the largest of the social wasps. Social wasps will build their nests in trees, underground, attics, porches, sheds, garages and in the eaves of your home. Of all of the stinging insects, wasps are the most dangerous. Unlike honey bees, wasps can sting their victims repeatedly, because their stinger is not barbed like that of a honey bee. The venom of a wasp can be fatal to those who are allergic to it. Attacks from stinging insects can also be dangerous to babies, young children and the elderly. Bee removal and wasp extermination services from Long Island Bee Removal  can prevent painful and dangerous stinging attacks from bees and wasps on Long Island, New York.
Getting rid of yellow jackets can take a fair amount of time and be dangerous because of their ability to sting multiple times. The Yellow Jacket is perhaps the only wasp that can be considered pestiferous if we take its large colony size and protective behavior into account. This aggression on the part of the yellow jacket is most noticeable toward the end of the summer when the colony begins to break down and workers seek out more sugars and sweets to sustain themselves. Not only does the yellow jacket's wasp behavior change toward the end of the warm season here in New York, but the size of a colony can be impressively large if left alone.
Yellow jacket stings are particularly nasty because yellow jackets don’t just sting; they bite and sting, and continue to sting over and over.  They will get into your sweet soda or drink and are for certain the greatest nuisance to people, especially small children.
What To Do If You Are Stung By A Yellow Jacket
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Wash with soap and water, apply meat tenderizer to help break down the proteins of the venom. Take an antihistamine and cover the wound with ice to help prevent swelling and itching.
If your throat or tongue starts to swell, take two Benadryl tablets immediately and call 911 or get yourself to the emergency room.
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Yellow Jacket colonies can number well over 100
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