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Sure we can just kill the bees, but we do offer live honey bee removal as part of our bee removal service. Rather than hiring just any pest control company to exterminate your bees, hire Bee Removal of Long Island (Nassau County) New York to remove them. Whenever possible, we put these honey bees back into the hands of beekeepers, or we raise them as beekeepers ourselves in Nassau County, Long Island, New York.
Help us at Bee Removal Long Island (Nassau County) New York help the environment and save the honey bees, by not asking pest control companies to exterminate them, or attempting to exterminate the bees yourself. Typically, a honey bee hive will contain twenty-five to one hundred pounds of honey. Following the removal of the honey bees, the removal of the honey comb from the walls of your home is an essential component in the prevention of future problems with bees and the prevention of a rodent and bug infestation. Unlike other exterminating companies, Long Island Bee Removal will remove the honey comb to prevent future pest and rodent problems.
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The Honey Bee is responsible for most of the crops we enjoy at our dinner table and without the honey bee and their pollination we would quickly be reduced back to a third world country. We enjoy all of our plentiful food sources now, but things are changing quickly. The quantity of our food sources are due to the applied use of beekeeping  in modern agriculture today as the key pollinator of all of our crops. Without the honey bee, we would all be eating rice, wheat, fish, potatoes and items like strawberries, cantelopes, green beans, watermelons and grapes would have to be created in laboratories and only the very rich would be able to afford these crops and other items.
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