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Paper wasps construct familiar, open-celled paper nests we often see suspended from gutters or porch ceilings.  Paper wasps serve an important ecological purpose, they collect caterpillars, beetle larvae, and other insect to feed their young.
Every year the Paper Wasp Queen builds a new nest by chewing wood fibers (Your wooden personal items) into a pulp. Once she raises her first generation of workers, these offspring will assume the role of construction workers, expanding the nest to meet the needs of the growing colony.
During a Long Island New York summer a paper wasp nest can become quite large, reaching a width of 6-8 inches. In fall, freezing temperatures will kill all but the queen, who seeks shelter and hibernates for the winter. The nest degrades over winter and is rarely reused the next year.
Paper wasps may sting in defense of their nest, or when threatened. Unlike honeybees, which have barbed stings and can only sting once, paper wasps can sting multiple times. A paper wasp can call other colony members using alarm pheromones, chemical messages that tell other wasps to help defend the nest from a threat. Stay calm and contact Long Island Bee Removal to elimate the threat of Paper Wasps and their nasty stings.
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Paper wasps live in colonies of less than 100
The treatment and removal of wasps from a property requires the expertise of a professional.  Bee Removal of Long Island New York strongly advises against attempting to remove wasp nests by do-it-yourself methods as this can be highly dangerous.  We have specialized equipment and wear protective gear to remove wasp nests safely.
Correctly identifying the type of wasp that is infesting your property is key to successfully removing them.  We may use different treatment methods depending on the species of wasp. In addition to distinguishing the differences between wasps and bees, Long Island Bee Removal will identify the wasp species.  Once the wasp is identified, we will make a treatment recommendation. For the method of removal Bee Removal of Nassau County New York will make a determination depending on a variety of factors, including the type of wasp, the location of the nest, state and local regulations and the severity of the infestation. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, we will provide you with a quote for services.  We'll get our protective gear ready for you!
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