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Cicada killer wasps are primarily found in the eastern and midwestern United States, and excell in the climate of Nassau County, Long Island New York. Their activity begins in the summer, starting in late June, and lasts until October.
These wasps are helpful to humans in that they kill cicadas - insects that feed on plants and trees. However, cicada killer wasp damage includes small holes and dirt mounds throughout your lawn. These burrows are often about 10 inches deep with another 6 inch horizontal tunnel. The burrows of a large cicada killer infestation may undermine structures like decks and patios. Small grainy piles of soil and small holes with dirt paths, usually in dry, loose soil, are signs that you may have a cicada killer infestation. These wasps only sting if they are really provoked. If the sting causes a severe reaction, you should seek medical attention immediately.
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Cicada Killer Wasp
If you live in Long Island (Nassau County) New York, a warm dry area, the cicada killer wasps may be buzzing around. You’ll find them at the edges of forests, in gardens, or places where there are things laying around. They enjoy areas that harbor cicadas, so if you’ve got a lot of trees on your property, these predators may be lurking. These wasps will dig around patios, gardens and lawns when they are seeking shelter and creating nests. Adult cicada killer wasps feed only on flower nectar and it is their larvae that actually eat cicadas. An adult female will sting and kill a cicada, then bring it back to her nest where she lays her eggs on it. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on the cicada until they are fully developed. Their lifespan is usually about about four months. Since the cicada killer wasp is not particularly dangerous to humans, control often isn’t necessary. However, if they are occurring in large numbers and threatening your property, you might need to take action. If you have a severe problem, contact Long Island Bee Removal who will have access to a wider range of pest removal and control methods.
Cicada killers are pretty mellow and will only sting if they are really provoked. They may sting people or pets if their burrows are disturbed. The real cicada killer wasp damage comes from multiple burrows in your lawn, which are not only unsightly, but can sometimes cause structural problems.
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