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With over 50 species of Bumble Bees in North America. Bumble bees are excellent pollinators of many crops here in Long Island (Nassau County) New York. Bumble bees are an important part of pollination and they're free!  It is estimated that native insects (mostly bees but not including the non-native honeybee) have an economic value for pollination services of about 3 billion dollars a year.  Bumble bee nests should only be destroyed as a last result. Unless disturbed most bumble bees are not aggressive.  Long Island Bee Removal can come to your property and remove a bee colony or perhaps just elimate the threat to your family or pets.
Bumble bee nests start with a queen that has hibernated through the winter. She finds a place that is dry and has material there that she can use to insulate the nest with. This will be an old mouse nest, mole nest, grass clipping pile, hay, sometimes the insulation in the wall, attic of your New York home. The queen makes a nesting place within this material making what looks like a rats nest. Here she forms a small pollen ball that she lays eggs in. She sits on the eggs like a hen does. The eggs hatch into larvae sharing what is called a larval pod. The queen forages pollen and nectar to feed the larvae for about 14 days. The larvae then spin into their their own pupa cell (like a cocoon) that they pupate in and then emerge as an adult bee. This process takes about 28 days from start to finish. After they have raised a work force the nest goes into the reproductive stage. In this stage all the eggs laid will hatch into queens or males. These queens and males hatch and leave the nest. The queens mate with the males, the males all die and the queens go into hibernation. This completes the life cycle of the colony. The workers’ life span coincides with raising the reproducers and all die.
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