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There comes a time when the honey bee goes from being a beneficial insect to a real pain, especially when you are being stung by them.  Especially when the bees | wasps | hornets have decided to move into your home.  Whether they are in your walls, ceiling, roof overhang, or even under your Nassau County home, time is of the essence to have them removed.
Once a colony of bees are established, and you choose to just kill them yourself rather than have the hive removed professionally, or they die on their own for whatever reason, it is equivalent to unplugging your refrigerator and leaving everything in there to decay. Inside that nest, are thousands of bees, brood and gallons of honey just waiting to decay and drip through every available crack.  This could do damage to a tree or the rotting honey could attract rodents, potentially inside your home.  It is always best to have them professionally exterminated, an extraction of bees | wasps | or hornets could become a potential threat to someone that does not understand their behavior like Long Island Bee Removal does.
Further discussing the reasons for a quick removal; Long Island Bee Removal must tell you, that if you have bees in a tree that is a good thing. We need wild bees and if we don't allow them to stay in our structures, the trees in Long Island are all they have. If the tree is in an area exposed to people, a safe height for those bees is about 20' above the ground or higher and away from all playgrounds. Bee Removal of Long Island recommends bees in trees, they are great for the environment and the neighborhood.  If for some reason you can't live with them, then Long Island Bee Removal will remove them safely for you.
Bees can be a nuisance to most, but what they really aren't aware of is the shortage of the bee population. So killing the bee's by pouring a chemical into their house, plugging up the entrances, or even cutting down the tree they live in is actually very harmful to their population. Bee's are esential to our environment even if we don't realize it. Bees are important to the cycle of the planet,  to farming, gardening, and general pollination of flowers and fruit trees. We have been unknowingly driving them away with pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides.  Long Island Bee Removal of Nassau County New York can offer solutions such as capturing the bees and removing them without harming them or their colony. 
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Honey bees can fly at around 15 mph

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