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Carpenter bees are rarely aggressive and stinging is unlikely to be a problem, only females can sting, but rarely do. They also provide an excellent pollination service, and bees are disappearing everywhere. That said, avoid thrashing and waving your arms around the bees, as this can encourage them to fly toward you. This will usually be the non-stinging males, but it can cause unnecessary panic. Males do not sting or bite, that is the females purpose.
Carpenter Bees in Long Island, Nassau County New York can cause damage over time, to wooden structures.  If the structure is important to your lifestyle, and despite bees being amazing creatures, it may be necessary to do something about it.  This is always a dilemma for people because most are aware of the bad situation involving bees and want to help bees.  However, there are Carpenter bees that can cause damage to wooden structures and Long Island Bee Removal is equipped and ready for them.
Carpenter Bees usually build nests in unpainted wood, or old, rotten wood, or damp soft wood - these nests are tunnels, in which young are reared. Noteworthy, they do not eat the wood, they just chew the tunnels.
Photo By: HBarrison, Massapequa New York
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